Baby Rico

Little Rico arrived all bundled up and sleeping sweetly. A gorgeous wee boy who showed me his beautiful big eyes for a little while before falling sound asleep. Mummy and Daddy were able to relax  for a while in the lounge while Rico and I took lots of cute photos!

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Baby Mia

We had a pre-consult about Mia's session and decided that as it was Spring, maybe including some cherry blossom in the shoot would be nice. Mia's Mummy wanted soft, light pinks and creams, so blossom worked well.

Mia was a dream, she slept and slept and even posed herself when moved!

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Baby Arlo

Arlo is gorgeous, already you can both Mummy and Daddy in his tiny features and expressions. We had a lovely morning and he had a good long sleep in front of the camera!

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Limited edition Christmas sessions

My limited edition Christmas sessions will take place the weekend of the 11th and 12th of November, between 10 am and 4pm.  0-18 years are welcome (for photos!) bring your Christmas pyjamas or Holiday best! Please share this post with your friends and once the slots are gone - they are gone!
The sessions are 15 minutes each, in my studio, you will be booked for 30 minutes to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Photos will be of children only. Two backdrops are available - this fireplace theme (with additional props - which we can adjust during your session) and / or the simple cream backdrop with minimal props. The cost per session is $150 and you will receive 5 fully edited digital files within one week. Prints will take two weeks and are charged at my normal rate (please request my pricelist) and I am happy to help you organise gifts for friends and family. 

Feel free to contact me for more information, or click this link to see my calender to book your session. Once booked I will…

Emma and Michael

Emma thought she had left it too late and was worried about getting photos before baby arrived, but there was still time and I was able to fit the session in. Spring is absolutely magical in Dunedin's Gardens, the daffodils were in bloom and stunning. We even managed to capture some of the sunsets glow!

Maternity images are important for Mummies of course, we want to remember this special time when our bodies held a precious new life. I also like to focus on the relationship between the partners involved, to capture the love that the couple have for one another.

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Abby and Dan

Don't let a little bit of cold stop you from achieving the beach maternity images of your dreams!

This couple were absolute stars, particularly poor Abby who was clad only in a piece of chiffon for most of the session.

Dunedin has many stunning beaches and I am happy to meet you for sunrise or sunset, so that we can create stunning images like these. A family starts with two people who love each other so much that they make a baby and seeing photos showing how much their parents loved each other while expecting builds loads of self-confidence into children.

Contact me today and together we can create your dream maternity images.

We are here

2016 was my first proper year in the business of portrait photography. I was very busy with gorgeous newborns, toddlers and families and I loved it.

However, as a family, we had big plans going on in the background. we had decided that in 2019 we would buy our dream home on some land near Dunedin. We wanted some peace, some space and to live closer to nature.

Cue New Years Eve 2016 and we are standing in front of our dream home and land, the views are spectacular, the land more than we could ever hope for. So we made a decision right then and there, this home would be ours and we would deal with whatever came our way in order to secure it.

Whoops!! 2019 went out the window!

I had to close my studio as we had 3 months to get our Auckland house ready for sale, and I had no time for anything else but tiling, painting, gardening etc.

We moved into our house at Taieri Mouth in May and have spent the past couple of months settling into the house, putting our mark on it. Discovering our land…