Abby and Dan

Don't let a little bit of cold stop you from achieving the beach maternity images of your dreams!

This couple were absolute stars, particularly poor Abby who was clad only in a piece of chiffon for most of the session.

Dunedin has many stunning beaches and I am happy to meet you for sunrise or sunset, so that we can create stunning images like these. A family starts with two people who love each other so much that they make a baby and seeing photos showing how much their parents loved each other while expecting builds loads of self-confidence into children.

Contact me today and together we can create your dream maternity images.

We are here

2016 was my first proper year in the business of portrait photography. I was very busy with gorgeous newborns, toddlers and families and I loved it.

However, as a family, we had big plans going on in the background. we had decided that in 2019 we would buy our dream home on some land near Dunedin. We wanted some peace, some space and to live closer to nature.

Cue New Years Eve 2016 and we are standing in front of our dream home and land, the views are spectacular, the land more than we could ever hope for. So we made a decision right then and there, this home would be ours and we would deal with whatever came our way in order to secure it.

Whoops!! 2019 went out the window!

I had to close my studio as we had 3 months to get our Auckland house ready for sale, and I had no time for anything else but tiling, painting, gardening etc.

We moved into our house at Taieri Mouth in May and have spent the past couple of months settling into the house, putting our mark on it. Discovering our land…

Help me help you

Help me help you So, you have contacted me, received an initial email and checked out my website, prices and sessions and decided to give me the honour of taking your photos - be it maternity, newborn or baby (thank you!).

You let me know and I respond with another email, this time containing the information you need to know before the session;

my studio policy / contracta prep sheet which explains how the session will runyour invoice for the session charge (which must be paid to secure your booking)a booking questionnaire with basic details - name, phone number etc.and finally I request "please send me a few images that you love, images you would like to hang in your house, images that reflect your family, you can do this by email, Facebook message or by sending me a link to a Pinterest board". This last point is the one I want to talk about today, a picture really does speak a thousand words, and a couple of pictures can speak volumes about the colours, style and personality …

Preparing for your session

Preparing for your session
For the past few months you have organised and planned and dreamt about your new baby and the wonderful changes this little one will make to your family and your world. 

You booked your newborn photography session early in your pregnancy and pored over Pinterest boards and Facebook posts, trying to decide which colours and poses you wanted for your little one. 

Suddenly here you are, the birth was a few short days and sleepless nights ago, you are still coming to terms with feeding and comforting this wee person and now you have to take them out into the world (and get the carseat into the right position!) for the photos you were dreaming about. You start worrying about how the baby will cope, about how you will survive, you are exhausted and bubs is always will you get them to sleep for their photos? what should they wear? what should you wear? Feeding isnt easy, how will you cope?


Relax because; you are coming to my studio and I know exactl…

Safety in the studio

Safety in the studio When you book your newborn or baby session with me you can be assured that your child's safety is my top priority. Many of the beautiful images of babies are created with the use of composites, where two or more images are combined to give the gorgeous final work of art.

Babies rely on us to keep them safe and ensure they are not placed in situations where they could be harmed. Not only have I raised 5 children along with my husband, but I have studied extensively and spoken with medical specialists about how to ensure babies are completely safe when being posed, especially if they have special needs regarding their breathing or reflux.

In the studio I will ask you to help me out at times when I need extra support for your baby, this may be a finger keeping their little head in place, or a hand keeping them stable. I will explain exactly what i want you to do before I get you to do it, to ensure that you feel confident. 

You know that "froggy" pose? The …